The Marketing Journey

It all works together.

Working in both agencies and in companies, it becomes all too familiar. The leader with the vision who needs help fulfilling it. And where there may a lot of good ideas, there always needs to be that person who will help fulfill that dream with reality – budgets, leads, execution, and metrics.

Does that sound more like a CFO instead of a CMO? Or an accountant instead of an agency creative type?

Just like climbing a mountain, you don’t get the view from the summit without preparation and some hard work. For those who don’t have time to try and fail in the learning process along the way to the summit, they will need a guide. Someone who has been there, done it, and knows where the hazards lie. And the timing.

Timing is everything.

As is the content. And the messaging in the content. And to whom that content will be delivered at a certain point in the Buyer’s Journey.

Any good chef will tell you, the process to a great dish is a combination of chemistry, sequence, ingredients, testing, and cooking it all at just the right temperature. Whether you are launching a company, a new product or service, or attending an event, each action has its ingredients like branding, messaging, cohorts, influencers, creative, positioning, competitors, market-making, minimum viable product – it’s enough to blow your head clean off.

That’s why you hire a guide. One who will make sure you don’t lose any fingers, or toes, or investor money, or miss quarterly numbers. Doing it creatively while building Sales and awareness. The best guides, who know how to do it, are the ones who have spent their lives climbing mountains.


Building and awareness help improve the performance of all other Marketing tools like digital advertising, email, and social media


Once you know who your buyers are you need to know how to speak to them in a way that they’ll feel you know their problem.


When you know what your brand stands for, and you know how to say it to the right person, then success rests in how you deliver it. Well, and measuring it. KPIs are everything.

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