Pheriche and 14,300 feet

After our blessings from the Lama Geishe, we made our way with sunny skies to Pheriche and another rest day. A long the way, we meet with Yak herds, Trekkers and climbers. In particular, we’ve been pacing with the first American to climb Mt. Everest, Jim Whitaker and his Eddie Bauer “First Ascent” team thatContinue reading “Pheriche and 14,300 feet”

April 6, Blessings on the Way to Pheriche

We awoke to over four inches of snow. It could have been a l-o-n-g slog to Pheriche, except we have a great group. And, along the way, Heidi one of our climbers, handed out puppets and stuffed animals to two small children that we met along the way. We made our way ups the DodhContinue reading “April 6, Blessings on the Way to Pheriche”

Phakding to Namche Bazar

Leaving Phakding for Namche, April 1, 2012 We were in the trail by 8 since the trail to Namche Bazar, at 11,352 feet, would be one of our longest, and have the most vertical gain of our travels up the Khumbu valley. Shortly before I left, I had decided to check into nailing down aContinue reading “Phakding to Namche Bazar”

On to Lukla

Flight to Lukla March 31, 2012 After two days of breathing the pollution and absorbing the noise, it was time to hit the trail.a We were rolling by 4:30, debut I was still the last person out with my duffle bag. Head guide Eric Simonson’s eyes bugged out since the bags had left 45 minutesContinue reading “On to Lukla”